Gore Won't Ask Wealthy Hollywoodans to Alter Lifestyle to Save Planet

If you needed a better example of the hypocrisy involved in Nobel Laureate Al Gore's global warming hysteria, read this delicious segment from an article just published by the British Sun (emphasis added throughout):

The man who is now as much part of the Hollywood Establishment as he was a political player with the Democratic Party is very careful not to upset any of his celebrity friends.

He wouldn’t dream of suggesting that their lavish jet-setting and gas-guzzling lifestyles could be reined in for the good of the environment.

Imagine that. But that was only the beginning of the hypocrisy:

When we point out that David Beckham has recently been given the dubious title of having the worst carbon footprint in history – clocking up enough air miles to fly to the moon and owning 15 gas-guzzling cars, Mr Gore shifts uncomfortably in his seat. [...]

When asked what he would say to the football icon – a hero to millions – about his impact on the environment, Mr Gore refuses to be drawn.

He gives a huge belly-laugh at the notion that Posh and Becks could invest in an environmentally-friendly hybrid car such as a Toyota Prius.

He careful considers his answer before saying: “I don’t think that’s my place. I don’t want to get into personally criticising anyone.”

It's not his place? He doesn't want to personally criticise anyone?

How about your regular references to everyone that disagrees with you as being "deniers" and "flat-earthers?"

And why is it okay for you to travel the world telling governments how they need to alter their energy policies and tax codes, which will end up costing regular people billions nay trillions of dollars, but you don't think it's your place to tell the wealthiest members of society to change their lifestyles?

At the same time, Gore's VERY interested in telling regular people what THEY should do:

“Long-life lightbulbs, recycling, window treatments, extra insulation – these things can all help.

I appreciate they cost money to begin with but they will save money in the long run.

But the main benefit of people going green is that they will join a movement to pressure their governments.”

So, let's add this all up: He doesn't want to tell the wealthiest people in the world that they need to make sacrifices in order to save the planet, but he's more than happy telling the common man to spend more money in order to pressure governments to raise taxes and energy prices.

Meet the new Robin Hood, ladies and gentlemen: he steals from the pool so the rich can continue their lavish lifestyles without feeling guilty about imminent planetary doom.

Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.

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