New TV Ad Addresses Dangers of Al Gore's Global Warming Policies

The heck with 3:00 AM ads cautioning Americans about who's more qualified to be in the White House answering fictitious emergency phone calls.

What this country really needs is a national television campaign warning folks about the dangers inherent in global warming policies advocated by Nobel Laureate Al Gore.

Just in the nick of time, the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute announced Tuesday the release of an ad destined to thrill climate realists around the world:

Today the Competitive Enterprise Institute launches a national advertising campaign, focusing on the threat to affordable energy posed by Al Gore’s global warming agenda. The ads contrast Gore’s energy-consuming lifestyle with the life-and-death need for energy in developing countries.

CEI’s new campaign comes in the face of Gore’s March 1st announcement of a major new set of ads from his Alliance for Climate Protection to promote the global warming issue. CEI’s response includes both a broadcast television ad and related online video.

“Global warming activists warn us about the alleged threats from global warming, but are usually silent about the much more immediate threats from global warming policies,” said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman, also the ad co-creator. “Restricting access to affordable energy is a sure recipe for increasing poverty, disease and human misery around the world.”

Climate realists will also enjoy two recent videos created by CEI regarding this issue:



Bravo, CEI. Bravo!

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