Hillary Suggests Fox News Fairer to Her than MSNBC

The Democrat presidential candidates refused to participate in debates sponsored by the Fox News Channel.

Yet, Hillary Clinton believes the supposedly conservative cable network is actually treating her better than liberal rival MSNBC.

Ain't that a kick in the head?

As reported by Politico Monday evening, John Harris interviewed the presidential candidate, producing the following delicious exchange (emphasis added, h/t NB reader Thomas Stewart and Inside Cable News):

JOHN HARRIS: Senator, you were offended the other day for reasons that I think a lot of people understood by comments that were made on MSNBC. And in the wake of that, I heard from some of the people on your staff who say, to their surprise, they actually think that Fox News is giving you a better break than MSNBC. Is that your perception?

SENATOR CLINTON: Well, there was some independent study that my staff sent me - we didn't do it - but it was some independent study which seemed to suggest that, that in terms of the fairness of the coverage - you know, look, I'm a mom first. I'm a candidate second. And, you know, I really am troubled by this pattern of behavior and comments that you hear.

JOHN HARRIS: Two-week suspension, you said that's inadequate for what was said. What would be adequate? Are you looking for a firing or something more?

SENATOR CLINTON: That's not my job, John. You know, that's the job of the people who run the network. But I think that they need to take a hard look.

This is like the third time they've had to apologize. And there are a lot of things that they haven't had to apologize for that might have merited one. So I wish they would take a look at, you know, some of the pattern of demeaning comments that are made on their networks.

Well, Senator, how about taking a stand for how this network regularly demeans the current President and members of his family while your at it? Or, would that be too presidential of you?

Regardless of the answer, you really have to love how one of the most liberal Senators in Congress appears to believe that she's being poorly treated by the most liberal news network in the nation.

Like the fellow once said...

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