CNN’s Howard Kurtz Supports Bush Speaking With Milbloggers

September 16th, 2007 10:53 AM

A truly extraordinary event occurred on CNN Sunday: Howard Kurtz actually supported President Bush sitting down with milbloggers to discuss what's going on in Iraq.

I kid you not.

When this issue was raised on the most recent installment of "Reliable Sources" - that Bush had a meeting Friday attended by ten military bloggers - it seemed almost a metaphysical certitude the President would be lambasted for catering to the extreme right.

Surprisingly, such was not the case:

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: The Washington Post reports this morning that on Friday, President Bush met with ten bloggers who specialize in military affairs, talked about the war. One of them who blogs under the name of "Black Five," found the President "intelligent, razor-sharp, warm, focused, emotional, and genuine."

Is this another effort to get out the message without dealing with people like [CNN's] Jamie McIntyre?

DAVID FRUM, NATIONAL REVIEW: I'm sure the President loves dealing with Jamie McIntyre. But, I love the idea of bloggers as a credulous audience. I mean, that, one of them is joining, one of the bloggers there joined, I think two of them, actually, joined the meeting via a satellite connection from Iraq where they almost live. And, these are people who actually have almost specialized knowledge of military affairs, and we can all learn a lot from them. They have, they have their limits, their narrow focus, but within their focus, they know a lot.

KURTZ: And, I think it's a step forward that President finds time to sit down with bloggers.

So do I, Howie, especially if Republicans ever want to see the creation of a conservative Daily Kos.

Maybe GOP legislators should follow the President's lead and fully engage the Rightroots. 

Bravo, Howie. Bravo!