Keith Olbermann Admits MSNBC Is Liberally Biased

The idea that cable network MSNBC is liberally biased is certainly no stunning revelation. However, when one of its foremost liberal hosts, Keith Olbermann, admits it on the air, that is truly something to behold.

Such actually occurred Thursday evening, and was captured for posterity by Real Clear Politics' Blake Dvorak (h/t NBer SMGalbraith, video available here courtesy Olbermann Watch with thanks to NB reader Damien G.).

To set this up, Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards bought some advertising time on MSNBC Thursday evening to respond to President Bush's address to the nation concerning Iraq. After the ad finished, Olbermann disgracefully said the following:

I don't want to be diverted by talking about commercials in the middle of the show but, Rachel, why on earth did he buy that commercial? I don't think I'm saying anything unknown to the audience, I don't think he would have gotten a hard time from this particular network. Why on earth did we do it that way?

Fascinating, wouldn't you agree? After all, here was a highly-paid newscaster asking an Air America radio host why a Democrat presidential candidate would bother spending money advertising on his network when everyone knows how biased it is.

As Dvorak noted (emphasis added):

Here's Olbermann, as an anchor, saying that his network -- as opposed to his show, or himself, or his panel -- would not have given Edwards a "hard time." MSNBC leans left, of course, but you're not supposed to admit it, you're not supposed to say, "We give Democrats an easier time than Republicans."

Naturally, this isn't a surprise, coming from Olbermann. But are there any execs at MSNBC who are slightly upset that Olbermann just trashed their objectivity as a news network?

Apparently not, Blake.

*****Update: Allah accurately points out, "Imagine Olby’s reaction to O’Reilly saying the same thing here about a Republican candidate. He’d have to do a special two-hour episode of Countdown just to allot himself enough time for all the invective." How true!

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