Supposedly Muslim Offending 'Opus' Cartoon Part Two

Last week, NewBusters informed you of the hypocrisy behind 25 of America's newspapers opting not to publish an "Opus" cartoon which could be perceived by Muslims as being offensive.

Much of the discussion at the time concerning the matter was just how innocent the Muslim reference seemed to be, and how absurd the decision not to publish the comic strip was.

Well, the second of the two cartoons was published Sunday (h/t Hot Air).

*****Update: Charles Johnson's take on this issue, as well as a fabulous Cox & Forkum spoof of Washington Post's position follow after the break.

Does anybody see anything that should have made the papers in question at all fearful about the content?

*****Update: Charles Johnson says, "The only thing remotely offensive about this strip is its complete lack of humor."

Even better, here's Cox & Forkum's view:

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