CNN on Paying for Katrina: Raise Taxes, Cut Iraq Funding

CNN’s Joe Johns patrolled the halls of Congress this morning asking senators and representatives how America was going to pay for the reconstruction of New Orleans.  His questions normally revolved around two themes:  raising taxes, and cutting funding for the Iraq war (video to follow):

To Sen. Cornyn (R–Tex):  Are we talking about scaling back tax cuts to pay for Katrina?

Lead-in to Sen. Reid (D–Nev) speech:  Democrats want to put the tax cuts on hold, but they’re not willing to touch social programs.

Asked of Rep. Mike Pence (R–Ind):  But what about cutting spending on the Iraq war, an idea with popular support?

Another lead-in to a Reid speech:  Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid wants to roll back the Bush tax cuts, but when it comes to big government programs, it’s hands off.

Lead-in to Rep. Pelosi (D–Cal):  House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi also wants the tax cuts rolled back.

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(Photo from CNN, 9/15/05)

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