NY Times Pumping Up the Clintons at the Bushes’ Expense

September 6th, 2005 9:51 AM

The NY Times today seemed so excited to see former President Clinton involved in hurricane relief that it practically ignored his partner in this pursuit, former President Bush.  In fact, this article refers to Mr. Clinton by name at least 17 times, his wife five times, while the former President Bush is actually only named twice.  From this, one would think that he’s such an afterthought that this effort should be called the Clinton-Clinton Katrina Fund.

What is also striking about this article is its condescending tone toward current President Bush:

Mr. Clinton's visit to the Houston shelter on Monday is the latest time the former president has come to the current president's aid in his second term, from early in the year when Mr. Bush was criticized for his slow response to the tsunami, to initially defending the administration's response to Hurricane Katrina at the White House last week, to praising the credentials of Judge John G. Roberts Jr., Mr. Bush's choice for the Supreme Court.  

"Isn't it interesting that Bush realizes he's in trouble and he has to phone President Clinton for cover?" said Bob Mulholland, a Democratic leader from California. "Bush is standing next to President Clinton for cover. You've got all these photos of President Clinton with both Bushes. It's hard for a Republican in the national arena to be attacking the Clintons with these kind of images out there."