NewsBusters Podcast: The Media Counts Down to Demise of Titanic Sub

June 23rd, 2023 6:00 PM

TGIF! On this episode of the NewsBusters Podcast, Senior Research Analyst Bill D’Agostino and I try to contain our rage over the liberal media’s morbid and disturbing coverage of the tragic OceanGate submersible disaster: chiding the CEO, who was on board, because he donated to Republicans. Meanwhile, one outlet threw up a countdown timer until they presumably ran out of breathable air.

First, we rip into the radical left-wing website known as The New Republic which, during a time when it was believed those on the submersible could be rescued, thought it was important for everyone to know that the CEO of the company, Stockton Rush had donated $1,500 to the campaign of a Texas Republican at some point in an 18-year period.

But writer Daniel Strauss did have “a point of caveat” that Mr. Rush was not a Republican megadonor.

Bill also sounds off on NewsNation and anchor Ashleigh Banfield for featuring a countdown timer displaying how much estimated time the passengers had to live before they ran out of breathable oxygen.

And keeping with the other major story of the week, we do an update on the Hunter Biden plea deal and the media making him out the be the victim.