MRC President Bozell Hammers Biased Network Coverage of FBI Memo

RESTON, VA – Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement today slamming the media’s coverage of the newly released congressional memo concerning FISA abuses at the DOJ and FBI. The bombshell report documents multiple surveillance abuses carried out by the FBI against then-candidate Donald Trump.

According to a new study from NewsBusters, between January 29 and February 1 network news devoted 3.5 times more coverage to worries over the memo’s release than the alleged FBI misconduct it documents. 

MRC President Brent Bozell:

“This explosive memo exposes a disturbing and unprecedented agenda within the FBI and DOJ against President Trump and his 2016 campaign. The information contained in this memo constitutes a bombshell story by any objective measure. How in the world does this not merit Watergate-like media coverage?! Yet in their coverage leading up to its release – without ever having read it – the media dismissed this memo over and over as nothing more than a distraction fabricated by Republicans. In fact, for every story talking about the memo, they've had nearly four dismissing it!

“TV news have spent nearly one hundred hours covering the investigation into alleged “collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign. It was the number one news story in 2017 yet there wasn't a lick of evidence. This is proof the media only lend credibility to controversies that are damaging to Republicans and President Trump. The media are abdicating their responsibility to accurately inform the American public.

“Now that the memo is public, the media owe it to the American people to report this story fairly and truthfully. We have witnessed over a year of an unparalleled, deliberate effort by the press to remove a president they despise, and it is time they are held accountable.”

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