Bozell Excoriates Liberal Media’s ‘Scandalous’ ‘Censorship’ of Clinton/Russia Uranium Deal

In a video statement posted on Tuesday, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell offered a blistering critique of the “big three” networks for censoring and downplaying reports concerning the Russian uranium deal brokered in the Obama administration by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. 

“The media’s censorship of this story is scandalous. It’s beyond irresponsible journalism. In fact, it’s not journalism at all. It’s a blatant cover-up. The media are failing the American people merely because they don’t want to report a story which would cast a negative light on their liberal political heroes,” Bozell stated.

Bozell laid out the facts of numerous reports by The Hill’s John Solomon and Alison Spann (here and here), including efforts by Russians to give millions to the Clinton Foundation while the sale of U.S. uranium was in the process of being approved.

He added that a subsequent story showed that, in Bozell’s words, “the FBI was aware of several Russian covert attempts to spy on the State Department around the time of the Uranium One deal and also infiltrate the Clintons’ inner circle as early as 2009.”

As for the coverage on ABC, CBS, and NBC, Bozell noted that ABC and NBC have ignored the story completely while CBS gave it a scant 69 seconds.

“Unlike the alleged Trump collusion story that’s had non-stop coverage for months and months without a shred of evidence, this story, a real scandal — the Uranium One scandal — is an instance of actual collusion, backed up by mounting evidence of foul play between the Obama administration and the Russian government,” Bozell proclaimed.

Bozell concluded by promising that the MRC will stay on top of this story as well as asking supporters to visit to get involved (which includes signing a petition to the news media).

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