Open Thread/CaptionFest: Joe Scarborough's Skinny-Jean Caucus

February 1st, 2016 6:29 PM

Most of you guys probably have a favorite or two for the caucus tonight, and so an open thread is probably bound to get rather heated.

So in our attempt to unite everyone around a common foe, here's a topic starter/caption-fest: What's with MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough wearing skinny jeans on air this afternoon?



Scarborough, you will recall, devoted significant air time a few weeks ago to mocking Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio for his choice in footwear, so it's only fitting and fair that he be held up to mockery for his sartorial choices, no?

Of course, feel free to discuss weightier matters than Joe's poor choice in wardrobe, and have fun watching the results stream in, keeping a browser tab or two opened to NewsBusters for our ongoing analysis of the liberal media's spin about the results tonight.