Fox's Megyn Kelly, Brent Bozell Denounce Nancy Pelosi's Wild Claims About Contraceptives

Nancy Pelosi's charge that five men on the Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case are interfering with her choice of whether or not to use a diaphragm is a complete lie, a gross distortion of the case, Fox News's Megyn Kelly told viewers of her Thursday night program.

"I can't say it better than you just put it," Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell replied. "Everything Nancy Pelosi said" earlier in the day at that press conference about the Hobby Lobby ruling "was a flat-out, unambiguous, deliberate lie." "She said this at a press briefing," Bozell noted, and yet, the media have decided they are "not going to cover it" and by doing so have committing to "aiding and abetting a lie" to further the Democrats' partisan spin. (Video below)

MEGYN KELLY: Joining us now, Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center. Brent, and so, all I've seen the media rush to clarify Ms. Pelosi's misleading remarks as well as Sandra Fluke remarks, oh, no, actually I have seen none of that except on Fox News.

BRENT BOZELL: Yeah, I really don't know why you had me on tonight. Because you pretty much said everything. And I just can't say it better than you just put it. Look, let's try to understand what is going on here. This is -- everything Nancy Pelosi said was a flat out unambiguous deliberate lie. She flat out lied. Harry Reid flat out lied when he said the same thing. Because they can't tell the truth. The truth, if they were going to be objective would be this. We believe that our demand that you fund a board of patience trumps your objection based on a moral concern that you believe it's murder. They can't say that because the whole country would see what they're saying.

KELLY: Let me explain to you, and, by the way, the Harry Reid comment Brent is referencing is Harry Reid -- he cast the Supreme Court decision as one of five white men, hello Clarence Thomas, taking control of women's lives. That's what he says. But the let me -- reason I -- my analysis that I just provided is as a lawyer. I practiced law for nine years and I regularly do legal analysis for the channel. And that is my legal analysis of her bogus claim. It's completely untrue, completely untrue. OK. But the reason I wanted to talk to you, Brent, is because when you got somebody in such a powerful position as Nancy Pelosi in a position to influence so many people on such a platform come out and tell blatant falsehoods there should be some fact checking. Where's politic fact on that? Where's the mainstream media calling her to account?

BOZELL: Where does she say this? She said this at a press briefing. For the love of God. She said it to them. They're the ones who were there covering it for her. You know, you can say, OK, the left is playing their normal class warfare race baiting war on women games. OK. I get that. Where are the media covering this? When you decide you're not going -- by the way, nobody covered it tonight. When you decide you're not going to cover it then, Megyn, you're aiding and abetting in a lie. You're aiding and abetting in a national lie.

KELLY: They don't care.

BOZELL: To the American people.

KELLY: They don't care. Why? Because what she is saying fits -- confirms their pre-existing belief which is the Supreme Court is about these evil conservative men who want to interfere with women's bodies?

BOZELL: Actually, Megyn, I think they do care. I think that they are as radical as the radical left is on abortion. Abortion is the Holy Grail. Terrible metaphor. But it is the Holy Grail for the radical left. I do believe that that so many in the press are vested in this. They support this.

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