Brent Bozell to Megyn Kelly: Network IRS Coverage Looks More Like a Coverup

On Friday night’s The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly explained there were important new developments in the IRS-targeting scandal, from Lois Lerner being cited by the House for contempt of Congress to demands for a special prosecutor.

Kelly brought on MRC president Brent Bozell to ask: How much time has it received from the networks? Fifteen seconds,” Brent reported in an interview taped Thursday. “Wow,” Kelly replied. “Maybe they were covering more important things.” (Video, transcript below)

BOZELL: Let me quantify it a little. Lois Lerner has not received any coverage from NBC, but on the Today show,  they spent four minutes and 50 seconds, I believe, covering the acceptance of tattoos. CBS didn’t have any time to devote to Lois Lerner, but they had a minute, 54 seconds to interview Michael Douglas about his wife.

KELLY: What is the state of their marriage? No, I’m just kidding....So they are ignoring the story. Maybe they just don't want to do politics. Are the networks doing something else, you know, on politics, or what is it?

BOZELL: Oh, good Lord, you look at it -- if you look at the 15 seconds that they’ve given to Lois Lerner and compare it to Tuesday and Wednesday, They spent on climate change, they spent 27 minutes and 37 seconds in two days. Go back to April, with Chelsea Clinton announcing her baby, 13 minutes. That's much, much more time than they have given to the IRS all year.

It goes on and on. The White House Correspondents Dinner -- that was 12 minutes and 40 seconds, I believe it was, but they get 15 seconds on Lois Lerner. This is a media that – look, let me ask you this, Megyn. What would you say if I told you that the total number of stories by CBS in the past ten months, with endless developments? Two stories on the IRS scandal! How many stories by NBC? Not one! Megyn, how can we conclude other than this is a coverup?

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