MRC’s Bozell Scolds Networks For Minimizing GOP Florida Congressional Victory

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” last night and criticized the networks for barely covering the GOP victory in the Florida special election Tuesday night. Bozell’s comments came after the GOP candidate David Jolly was heavily outspent by his Democratic rival Alex Sink, and Bozell noted how little coverage the results received by the “big three” networks.

The MRC president pointed out that the media refuses to admit the harm ObamaCare is having both on the nation and on Democrats: “When you look at a vote which cost the Democrat the race because of ObamaCare, 53 seconds total. They don't want to cover this story. This story was a defeat.” [See video below.]

Bozell began his analysis by showing how “CBS last night devoted two minutes to this, which is a rather long time calling it a referendum on ObamaCare. Tonight, when the vote was in and the Republican had defeated the democrat on ObamaCare, how much coverage does CBS give the story? Answer, not one second. ABC, NBC, no story last night. No story tonight. The morning shows -- this morning, this is an interesting one. They gave almost nine minutes to the interview that the president did, that goofy interview where he tried to sell ObamaCare.”  

The MRC president continued to chastise the media for being in “Absolute denial, in denial of what is going on all over the country” about ObamaCare’s failings. In addition, Megyn Kelly showed how different publications chose to spin the GOP victory to minimize the impact ObamaCare had on the race and how “People who don't sort of stay abreast of these races and just see these headlines can walk away with a completely different impression.”

Bozell concluded the segment by arguing that “Had the Democrat won the race last night, every network and all of those media outlets you just cited, every single one would be talking about how this was a referendum on ObamaCare and ObamaCare won. Every single one. So, if that is true then when they lose the opposite should be the truth.

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