WATCH: MRC's Bozell, FBN's Varney Condemn Network Over-Coverage of Global Warming

"I was not aware of senators, liberal senators, suggesting to the networks that they make a big deal out of global warming, climate change..... When did they do that?" Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney asked guest Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center (MRC), on his February 18  program.

"Absolutely. A letter was sent to the heads of all the networks to say that they weren't doing a good enough job promoting global warming," Bozell informed the Varney & Co. audience. "Imagine if a Republican caucus were to say to the networks" that they were not adequately "promoting the right-to-life position" or "tax cuts or covering ObamaCare"? Most certainly they wouldn't jump into action on those matters the same way they did on Sunday by flogging climate change, Bozell argued. [watch the full segment in the embed below the page break]

Bozell also hit the media for failing to criticize President Obama for spending the weekend golfing at posh resorts which drink up millions of gallons of water just after he waxed philosophical about "shared sacrifice":

VARNEY: How much coverage did they give to the president who when he was in California discussing the drought in California, promptly went out and played golf, I think, on three consecutive days on golf courses which mop up a great deal of water. Did the networks cover that one?

BOZELL: They all covered his speech where he extolled the virtue of shared sacrifice with this drought. Not a one of them covered the fact that he then pulled the greatest Marie Antoinette move imaginable. He went golfing all weekend to these resorts that suck up a million gallons of water a day. He went there for the entire weekend.

If George Bush had done that, given a speech on the shared sacrifice and then gone golfing all weekend at a super resort,  what do you think the press would have done, Stuart Varney?

VARNEY: Yes, sir.

On a side note, President Obama steadfastly opposes moves which would send plenty of water to farmers in the parched Central Valley of southern California. But doing so, of course, would tick off environmentalists.

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