MRC's Graham Talks About Obama Boasting Reporters Love His 'Great' Ideas on Fox 'Your World' Show

On Friday afternoon, MRC director of media analysis Tim Graham was interviewed by guest host Eric Bolling on the show Your World with Neil Cavuto.

The interview focused on a snippet of President Obama’s speech in Galesburg, Illinois where the media skipped how the president said that "a lot of reporters say that, well, Mr. President, these are all good ideas, but some of you’ve said before; some of them sound great, but you can't get those through Congress." (Video below)

BOLLING: Wow, he took a little victory lap there, didn’t he?

GRAHAM: Absolutely, and he can, you know, when he looks out, he does a press conference and he looks out at the White House press corps, he is looking at 98 or 99 percent of people who voted Obama, twice.  So I mean, he can imply that everyone’s on his team and he’s probably not wrong. But it ought to embarrass reporters, because they’re not supposed to be there telling him his ideas are fantastic. Let’s hope they don’t do that, whether they’re sincere, or whether they’re just trying to suck up and get some interviews.

Bollling asked where were the tough questions from reporters about what Team Obama now calls “phony scandals” like the IRS scandal and the Benghazi mess. Graham plugged the new MRC book: “Brent Bozell and I wrote a book called Collusion, because these people are not interesting in holding Obama accountable. They are interested, and invested, in making a fairy tale for Obama where we live happily ever after, so you don’t get tough questions.”

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