Geraldo To O'Reilly: Isn't Rush Jealous Of Your Success?

Were you aware of a parallel universe, one where Rush Limbaugh is unsuccessful and jealous of fellow broadcasters? Neither were we.

Luckily, Geraldo Rivera lives in this strange place and is able to shed light on life there. During a recent interview with Bill O'Reilly on the former's daily radio show, He-Of-Empty-Vaults-And-Over-The-Top-Melodrama repeatedly pushed the amusing idea that El Rushbo can't stomach the Fox talker's success.

From the transcript:

GERALDO RIVERA: [You say] it's about power. Do you mean that Rush Limbaugh thinks you are becoming too powerful?

BILL O'REILLY: I don't know whether it's me personally, but he -- look, I don't know what goes on in his mind, but I'll tell you, generally speaking, not specifically about Limbaugh. The left wants to marginalize me because I beat them almost daily in the debate. Not beat them -- I crush them. I crush MSNBC, I just destroy them, so they wanna marginalize me. The right basically plays to a crew [sic], they play to a crew, and if they can gain currency there and marginalize what they may see as a competitor in the same arena, they're gonna do that.

GERALDO RIVERA (29:22) (to O'Reilly): I believe that there is intramural jealousy. There is envy. Rush Limbaugh hasn't had a couple books on the bestseller list, stuck there for [a] couple of years, and all the rest of the things you got goin' on.



To Bill's credit, he generally ducked the queries, leaving Rivera all alone in Bizarro Questionland. Hurry, Geraldo, your spaceship is fueled up and ready for blast-off!

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