Open Thread Friday

Today's question is "In how many ways can sex columnist/MTV star Dan Savage offend?" In his latest column of "advice," Savage jokes that one kind of sex from behind is useful in mocking the Catholic hierarchy:  It's "known variously as frottage, outercourse, the Princeton Rub, or 'the pearl tramp stamp.' But in Chicago, it's known as 'the Cardinal George.'"

The cardinal is opposing same-sex marriage legislation currently being proposed in Illinois. Last week, Savage answered questions he didn't have time for at a recent event in Madison, Wisconsin, and dismissed Ann Coulter as too much of a hag to be relevant on the gay issues of the day:

Q: What would you say to Ann Coulter, who said that if her son told her he was gay, she'd "tell him he was adopted"?

SAVAGE: Parental rejection of a gay child (which doubles a gay kid's already quadrupled risk for suicide), the implication that adopted parents are less emotionally invested in their children and that adopted children are loved conditionally—only Ann Coulter could pack so much hatred, malice, and emotional violence into a single "quip." I'm not sure what I would say to Coulter—I've never had the pleasure of meeting her—but I can't imagine that any child of Coulter's, gay or straight, would be on speaking terms with her anyway, so I'd probably tell her that her feelings about her hypothetical children are irrelevant.

Feel free to add anything else that's in the news of political rot or cultural rot today.