WashPost Scribe Can't Root for Right-wing Notre Dame Football

Terence Jeffrey at CNSNews.com reports that two days before Notre Dame will face off against Alabama in college football’s national championship game, the Washington Post has published a piece--“Should American Catholics cheer for old Notre Dame?”--in which Post reporter Michael Leahy discusses his understanding of how Catholics might view the game and expresses his belief that the Catholic Church is “dogmatic, frustrating change and stifling dissent.”

“But our coolness toward Notre Dame,” Leahy writes, “also reflected fissures within the Catholic Church, cracks widening to this day over birth control, abortion rights and the broader matter of whether any dissent--particularly tough questions of the Vatican--will be tolerated by the Catholic hierarchy.”

Leahy trashed Notre Dame without ever considering that Notre Dame over the last several decades has been a hive of liberal Catholicism, or that they scandalized conservative Christians by welcoming pro-abortion commencement speaker Barack Obama in 2009.

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