Open Thread: Romney's Strategery

GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney's campaign strategy is in focus with two stories highlighting it. The first is a remark that's now become infamous by an adviser named Eric Fehrnstrom who compared Romney to the children's toy Etch-a-Sketch, stating that in the general election, Romney would become a completely new candidate and not necessarily the conservative he's presented himself as. While trying to draw in centrists is something that almost every campaign tries to do after getting through the primaries, Fehrnstrom's remarks were so blatant that they've upset many.

Speaking of Romney's general election strategy (should he indeed win the nomination), National Review's Jim Geraghty argues that the main point to it will be Romney calling President Obama in over his head as an easier way of helping people who had voted for the president in 2008 reverse their choice this time. Rather than telling such voters they're stupid, the argument goes, they should be told that Obama has had his chance but just hasn't been up to snuff.

In non-political news, today is the first day of Sweet Sixteen play with Michigan State taking on Louisville and Marquette battling Florida. Who are your picks?

Open Thread