Weekend Open Thread

You of course can talk about anything you want as long as it's decent, but here are some possible discussion topics if you so choose:

  • The Left and their media minions have been very excited about recent economic statistics suggesting things are getting better and therefore will assist Obama's reelection. But Friday's GDP report was very disappointing. What does your crystal ball show on the horizon?
  • The sense is that Romney did well enough in Thursday's debate - and Gingrich didn't do as well - to tilt Florida in Mitt's direction. Is that how you see it, and do you think this race is over if that's the case or that we still have a long way to go yet?
  • Some believe Santorum won on Thursday, and that we could see a groundswell for another Anybody But Romney candidate with Rick fitting the bill. You agree with this? How well does Rick have to do in Florida to achieve this?
  • What do you think about Ron Paul at this point? Is he still adding to the debate or is it time for him to step aside thereby giving the remaining three more airtime?
  • Who do you think won the week? Some think it was Romney for he at least stopped the bleeding and is positioned to win Florida. On the other hand, some believe Obama won this week. What do you think?
Open Thread