Appearing on 'Kudlow Report,' Bozell Hits ABC News for 'October Surprise'-like Attack on Gingrich

At the very least the timing of ABC News's interview with Gingrich ex-wife Marianne Gingrich is suspect. At the very worst, it is completely inappropriate if it failed to be newsworthy and respectful, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told CNBC's Larry Kudlow on his January 19 Kudlow Report.

"In some respects, aren't they obliged to get it out as fast as they can," Kudlow countered, adding that maybe by putting it out the night of the debate, "it actually lessens the impact and significance of the interview." [see video embedded below page break; see related Bozell statement here]

The Media Research Center founder answered that it's possible ABC's ploy could engender a "backlash to this in favor of Newt" because "people are sick and tired of" the media jumping in to attack Republican presidential candidates in ways that are "constantly personal."

"To the question of, is this newsworthy, how do we know?" Bozell asked, noting that it's "one woman's opinion" that is unverifiable. "How do we know that her statement is true?" 

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