Media Mash: The Left Can Stop Lecturing About Civility At Any Moment Now

MRC president Brent Bozell spread Christmas cheer and shared the "bumper crop" called the Best of Notable Quotables on the Hannity show on Fox News Thursday night. Guest host Mark Steyn began with multiple-award-winning Paul Krugman of the New York Times. He won the Grim Reaper Award for telling CNN that Paul Ryan's Medicare reforms would kill people.

"When it's not hatemongering, it's fearmongering,"  Bozell added. "You think, Mark, about those endless lectures we've heard from the Left over the years about hatemongering, and fearmongering, and civility, and they're always giving those lessons to Sean Hannity, to Rush Limbaugh,  Mark Levin, to Ann Coulter, but then Paul Krugman says this kind of thing, and the silence is deafening." (Video below)

The two also discussed leftist talker Mike Malloy asking for Navy SEAL Team Six to shoot George W. Bush, since he's a bigger killer than Osama bin Laden was. That won the Damn Those Conservatives Award. Bozell lamented, "This is the kind of stuff the far left says with abandon on talk radio."

After running a clip of the Media Hero Award about disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner, Mark Steyn made fun of the winner, ABC's Barbara Walters, for suggesting Weiner should "hang in there" and cracked, "I hope he didn't send her a thank-you Twitpic for that line."

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