Open Thread: Another Conservative Victory in Gov. Jindal's Landslide Reelection

This time four years ago, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana was elected as the first Indian-American governor, instantly becoming a rising star among Republicans. This Saturday, in yet another conservative victory, Jindal was reelected in a landslide win, garnering 66% of the vote among nine other candidates and winning every parish in Louisiana.

What do you think was most instrumental in Jindal's reelection? Do you think he will run for president after his second terms as Louisiana governor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

According to the Washington Post, Jindal's victory speech sounded almost presidential:

...Jindal sounded rhetorical themes that could easily be ported into a national campaign sometime between now and 2020. He insisted he wouldn’t talk about what the state had accomplished over the past four years because “that was yesterday, and as Louisianans and as Americans ... we are relentlessly focused on the future, not the past.”...

The Washington Times expanded upon Jindal's plans for the next four years:

“I will use every day, every hour of these next four years to make Louisiana the very best that we can be. I don’t believe on resting on our past accomplishments. I don’t believe in taking time off,” Mr. Jindal told a packed hotel ballroom of supporters. [...]

“We’ve got a lot more work to do over these next four years. We’ve got to grow our economy even more quickly. We’ve got to reform our education system more aggressively to give our kids the best chance. We’ve got to squeeze all the waste out of government and make it work for the citizens,” he said.

Overall, Jindal's campaign took in $15 million from supporters across the country, and faced no Democratic challengers with name recognition or the same fundraising capacity. Do you think Jindal could run a successful presidential campaign after his second term as Louisiana governor?

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