Help the MRC Fight George Soros and His Liberal Media Minions

Starting Friday and continuing through the weekend, two George Soros sponsored conferences will take place in New England. In Boston, a "media reform" conference discusses means to “Change the World,” by changing the media. And, while we certainly agree that the media need changing, we’d prefer change that reflected the values of hard-working Americans as opposed to those of a billionaire socialist intent on taking the U.S. down a notch.

A second conference 150 miles north in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire will feature lefty academics and activists planning the best way to remake the global economy with a one world government, global currency, and even more power for anti-American forces in the United Nations.

But don't worry, there will be reporters there from The Washington Post, NBC, PBS (thanks taxpayers!) and many other liberal media fixtures. Unsurprisingly they won't be reporting on what the lefties are planning for the rest of us, but rather participating in the conferences themselves.

We'll be delivering petitions to the news outlets that have reporters participating in these events, demanding that they at least let the American people know what these socialists have planned for us.

Click here to add your name and join the fight.