February 10 'Media Mash': Bozell Reacts to AOL Buyout of Huffington Post

February 11th, 2011 11:14 AM

"AOL giving control to Arianna Huffington. How the mighty have fallen!" NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell quipped on the February 10 edition of FNC's "Hannity."

"Ten years ago, AOL had 30 million members, they were joining forces with the Time-Warner colossus," the Media Research Center founder noted. Now "they're down to 4 million members and they're at Motel 6 getting into bed with Arianna."

"It's a mess of an organization and they're going to make an even greater mess of it with Arianna. I promise you that," Bozell told Hannity during the program's "Media Mash" segment.

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Earlier in the segment, Hannity and Bozell discussed the media questioning former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld about if he feels remorse for not placing more troops inside Iraq earlier on in the conflict.

"The same reporters did nothing but bash George Bush over the surge" Bozell reminded Hannity.

"It's a fair question, they're just not the ones to be asking it," the MRC president concluded.