MRC-TV: Brent Bozell on Hannity: 'Obama Needs the Media to Pull His Chestnuts Out of the Fire'

MRC President and NewsBusters founder Brent Bozell appeared on Friday night's Hannity and knocked a soft Obama interview by George Stephanopoulos and Harry Smith's contention on CBS that the stimulus bill wasn't "big enough."

Tackling the media's most egregious examples of liberal bias, Bozell quipped, "Obama needs the media to pull his chestnuts out of the fire in this campaign." [MP3 audio here.]

He joked of Smith's comments, "Just a couple hundred billion dollars more." The MRC President added, "Only a liberal Democrat like Harry Smith believes that a spending bill of $862 billion isn't big enough."

The Media Mash segment also featured a clip of Stephanopoulos deriding House Republican leader John Boehner for his "deep tan." Bozell wondered why reporters, on the eve of the 2006 elections, didn't ask Nancy Pelosi "where she got her botox?"

Other topics discussed, the "silver lining" to the high unemployment and Richard Engel's assertion on the Today show that Saddam Hussein was becoming "more moderate" before the Iraq war. [A WMV version of the segment can be found here.] 

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