'Media Mash': Networks Celebrate Obama's Birthday, CBS's Smith Lobs Softball in Interview

After watching a highlight reel of network news reporters lamenting how President Obama was spending his 49th birthday alone and that the office is discernibly graying his hair, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told Fox News viewers last night that the same media outlets ignored how, the day before Obama's birthday, "The voters of Missouri absolutely crushed, clobbered, masaquered his ObamaCare program by 71 to 29 percent."

Bozell appeared on the August 5 edition of Sean Hannity's program for the latest installment of "Media Mash," a look at the media's most egregious bias of the past week. The second topic in last night's segment was this doozy from CBS's Harry Smith:

HARRY SMITH to President Obama:  Do you feel sometimes that your administration is not given the credit it deserves?

President OBAMA: Yes.

"You know, this wah-wah whining has got to stop. What they're saying is that the media aren't pro-Obama enough," Bozell observed, adding:

Look, the Obama people have got the political defibrillators out. He's at 41 percent [approval] in the polls. George Bush didn't get this low until the second term after Katrina.... They're in an absolute free-fall. So what do they doing?  First they go to "The View," and then they go to Harry Smith. It's a likely progression. 

For the full segment, click here for MP3 audio. To watch the video, click the play button on the embed above or click here to download the WMV video file

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