NewsBusters is Back, Here’s Some of What You’ve Missed

A deliberate brute force attack, a criminal act, knocked NewsBusters offline since late Friday morning. More information to come, but now we’re back and we thank you for bearing with us as our tech team worked studiously to restore the site.

While we were offline, Media Research Center staff continued to post on and, as our bloggers catch up with postings, we’ll be adding these articles to NewsBusters. But in the meantime, below are links to those posts on the MRC site: 

> ABC's Moran Frets Obama May Not Be Able to Replace Stevens with Equally Liberal Justice

> CNN's Toobin: Obama Not A 'Liberal Firebrand;' Heller Decision 'Activist' (with video)

> NBC's Williams: 'Liberal Lion' Justice Stevens 'One of the Great Quality Minds' on Supreme Court (with video)

> MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell Plays Race Card on Gingrich, Colleagues Laugh at Her (with video)

> ABC's George Stephanopoulos Prompts Obama to Tout His Legacy

> Representation Without Taxation: Little Media Notice for How Nearly Half Pay No Income Tax