MRC’s Motley: ABC’s Health Care Special Pushes Obama’s Vision for Health Care, Excludes Critics

Calling it an "all-day home field advantage play for Obama and his position on health care," MRC's Seton Motley noted on the June 17 Fox News Channel program "America's Newsroom" that an upcoming ABC network special hosted at the White House will fail to include the other side of the complex policy argument. [audio available here]

Although there will also be a question and answer section with participants picked by ABC News, the planned special will not include a response from Republicans or government-run health care critics.

ABC "has a history of going as far left as possible with these specials and yielding time to Democrats when they won't yield to Republicans," Motley argued. The MRC Director of Communications pointed out that Linda Douglass, White House Director of Communications, served as an ABC News correspondent from 1998 to 2006.

Noting that Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer are hosting the planned health care program, Motley reminded viewers that Gibson hosted a similarly biased, one-sided special on gun control back in 1999. What's more, Dr. Timothy Johnson, ABC's in-house medical expert, has a long history of promoting government-managed universal health care.

To watch the full segment, click on the embedded video at the right.

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