'Fox News Watch' Covers NewsBusters' CNN/Oprah.com Story

On Monday, NewsBuster Warner Todd Huston revealed Oprah.com and CNN's statistically unsupported theory that women are leaving men for other women.

On Saturday, "Fox News Watch" shared this bizarre story with its viewers, giving NewsBusters credit for the revelation.

Host Jon Scott stated (video embedded right, h/t Jeff Poor): 

Caught in the web this week: according to the media website NewsBusters.org, Oprah.com and CNN.com have teamed up to tell us about a new trend -- women leaving men for other women. Now, this could get interesting. This site points out, but there are no statistics and no proof offered by these Internet giants to back up their claims. Why is that? Because Oprah.com says, "Statistics are hard to come by."

Thanks for the shout out, Jon!

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