MRC's Bozell Discusses Kennedy/Palin Double Standard, Iraqi Shoe-thrower Bias

Appearing live in the D.C. studio of Fox News this morning, MRC President Brent Bozell talked with the "Fox & Friends" gang about the media's lack of concern about Caroline Kennedy's lack of experience in elected office [audio excerpt here]:

Caroline Kennedy, God love her, has zero public experience, and I'm putting every single one of my liberal friends out there who spent the last four months trashing Sarah Palin, I'm putting them on notice that they better have something to say about this woman.

Bozell noted that some Democrats in New York have raised concerns about assigning the Clinton Senate seat to Kennedy, but scoffed at media outlets acting as dutiful Kennedy stenographers:

I was reading in the Washington Post this morning. Some friend of Caroline Kennedy explained this as saying that she's had a long dormant desire. She discovered this year that she's had a long dormant desire? What does that mean?!

The same media outlets, the NewsBusters publisher noted, scoffed at Sarah Palin's "lack of experience" although she is the sitting governor of Alaska.

In a second segment later in the 6 a.m. half hour, Bozell put his foot down about the media dancing for joy at the shoe-throwing incident in Iraq this past Sunday. Bozell noted that most networks, with the exception of NBC and Fox News, failed to note that had reporter Muntadar al-Zaidi attempted to chuck his Chuck Taylors at Saddam Hussein that he would be summarily executed.

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