Bozell On 'Fox & Friends' Discusses New MRC Study, Joe Biden's Testy Interview

"What you've got here is a situation of the bias by commission at work where they are just promoting Obama at every opportunity, and then the bias by omission which is even more egregious, which is refusing to challenge him on anything," Media Research Center President Brent Bozell argued on the October 27 "Fox and Friends."

Bozell appeared on the Fox News Channel morning show to discuss an MRC study showing the broadcast networks by a 3:1 margin attack McCain ads for factual errors over Obama ad inaccuracies.

The NewsBusters publisher also discussed the Obama campaign shutting out a Florida TV station from access to interviews after a news anchor asked Sen. Joe Biden about charges that Sen. Barack Obama's policies were "Marxist" being predicated on "spread[ing] the wealth around.":

BRENT BOZELL: It's a well-placed arrogance in the sense that they've gone through this entire campaign without being questioned seriously by anyone except for this news network.... But when you go through the entirety of the campaign saying the kind of things that you're saying in the debates, for every question you've got a redistribution of wealth answer, where you've got socialism, where you've got the government controlling every aspect of life. You don't expect every reporter to ask you, "Is this socialism?" Because the media don't ask that question.

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