'Mallard Fillmore' Suggests Perfect Christmas Gift to Media: the MRC

Cartoonist Bruce Tinsley has the perfect Christmas gift idea for biased liberal journalists: pointing them to the MRC, the parent organization of NewsBusters.org. In his December 14 "Mallard Fillmore" comic strip, Tinsley shows his title character reciting his "Christmas Gift Idea #35":

Since the media lean.... To the Left (as we've seen).... With their reportorial talents... Then I'm thinking we might.... Guide em to this Website.... To provide 'em with the gift of BALANCE.... Media Research Center www.mrc.org.

The screen capture above was taken from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Web site. "Mallard Fillmore" is distributed by King Features Syndicate and runs in the Seattle P-I, the Washington Times, and various other newspapers nationwide.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer MRC/NB News Bruce Tinsley

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