Liberals Blame O'Reilly for Tiller Murder, Silent on Military Recruiter Shooting

Keith OlbermannWhile the far left is blaming Bill O’Reilly and the pro-life movement for the death of George Tiller, another shooting has left military recruiter William Long dead at the hands of an anti-military Muslim convert.

Mainstream liberals like Keith Olbermann and news sources like NBC have already blamed O'Reilly for Tiller's death, as have websites like Salon, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Kos.

Markos Moulitsas may have celebrated the deaths of Blackwater fighters and wished for a similar fate for Michelle Malkin, but nevermind that.

And Olbermann did call our troops fighting in Iraq "cold-blooded killers," but that obviously had nothing to do with the hate some on the left feel against the military.

To be sure, I'm not saying that Olbermann or Kos are somehow to blame for one lunatic's deranged actions, I am simply saying that those two lunatics are responsible for their own deranged comments. Saying that someone is responsible for murder based on their civic dissent is nothing more than first-degree fear mongering.

It's part of a broader effort the left has been engaging in now that they have risen to power.

First it was Obama's attacks on Rush Limbaugh then the left blamed Glenn Beck for causing the murder of three police officers. Just one day before the Tea Parties, the Department of Homeland Security released a memo warning of right-wing terrorists.

In March, the state of Missouri released a memo warning that supporters of third-party candidates might be terrorists. Only in the sense that they might threaten the two-party status quo...

The take away from these efforts is an attempt to discredit critics and push for a Censorship Doctrine disguided as localism to further stiffle dissent.

PS: While Michelle Malkin, Allahpundit, Red State, and other conservative bloggers have denounced Tiller's murder, Keith Olbermann, Think Progress, the Huffington Post, Crooks and Liars, and AmericaBlog haven't even mentioned William Long's murder at the recruiting center as of this writing.

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