Barbara Walters Doesn't Check Facts, Attacks Glenn Beck Anyway

In a video post dated June 2, 2009, Breitbart TV reporter Scott Baker reveals that – shocker – Whoopi Goldberg was lying about Glenn Beck’s lying. What’s more, Barbara Walters didn’t check her facts before the Baxter-esque duo ambushed Beck on his May 20 appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

The video – embedded at right – is quite long, but I’ve broken down below the information offered in it.

First up in Baker’s video is a recap of what was known before his investigation.  Beck rode the Amtrak Acela from Connecticut to Washington D.C., and along the way, encountered Walters and Goldberg.  The facts surrounding this encounter were hotly disputed in Beck’s appearance on “The View.”  As it turns out, Beck’s version of the facts were incredibly accurate.  For example, the main premise of the Viewettes’ accusations was that Walters called Beck over to their seats to speak with him – which Beck never claimed in the first place.

Baker follows with incredulity:
So the whole premise of the accusation was false?  Pretty much.  Why are we talking about this?  Didn’t North Korea just test a nuke?  Isn’t Chrysler going bankrupt?  Didn’t Biden mock Obama’s teleprompter – you know, the important stuff?  Why are we talking about who’s talking to who on a train?  Why did this become a network television meltdown?

So how about the rest of it?  The police escort and reserved seats, for example; were those things actually done for the Viewettes’ ease of transportation?

Actually, yes.  So Beck wasn’t lying about that either.  According to Baker, the head of Amtrak communications confirmed to him that ABC had contacted Amtrak in regard to the possibility of a curb-to-train police escort, and that the seats may have been reserved at the discretion of the train’s staff.

In sum, Beck didn’t lie or scramble the facts about his encounter with Walters – and did not so much as misspeak.  Beck was also correct about the police escort for Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg.  Finally, Beck was, as far as anyone can tell, correct about the reserved seats.  

Oh, and the icing on the cake: ABC refuses to communicate with journalists any more on the matter.

Now combine that with the obvious fact that Barbara Walters, a veteran journalist, did not check her facts, all while simultaneously attacking Beck, a self-described commentator, for not checking his facts as a journalist (which he never claimed to be).

The irony of this is nearly beyond belief.

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