Glenn Beck Savaged On 'The View' - HuffPo Cheers Without Analysis


 Glenn Beck was on “The View” today.  Predictably, the conservative talk-show host was attacked by Whoopi Goldberg, as a “lying sack of dog mess.” (Video embedded on the right.)

That, however, is not the only bias to come of this.  Huffington Post political reporter Jason Linkins throws out the red meat for the Web’s left-wing wolves, naturally ignoring the straw man fouling up the Viewettes’ argument.

About what was Beck accused of lying?  Beck, on a recent radio program, recounted a tale of meeting Goldberg and Barbara Walters on an Amtrak train bound for Washington D.C.  Finding seats was apparently difficult on that day (odd, for Amtrak), and upon finding a few open seats, Beck was told by an Amtrak official that those open seats were reserved.  A few minutes later, Beck says, Goldberg and Walters walked onto the train, and sat down in the reserved seats.

Beck then says that Walters spoke to him as the train was leaving the station in New York.  Apparently, Beck was mistaken; the Viewettes were quite adamant in claiming that Beck spoke to them first – Goldberg going so far as to call Beck “a lying sack of dog mess.”  That amount of outrage for something so insignificant is akin to the cranky reaction of a grade-schooler who missed her afternoon nap.

The problem with the attack from the View women is this:  Beck is being savaged over a miniscule difference in memories – none of which can be challenged.  Furthermore, not a single Viewette challenged the notion that Amtrak broke with their normal first-come, first-served seating policy.  Beck wasn’t lying about that, apparently.

Then Walters attacks Beck for claiming to be a reporter while failing to check his facts.  The problem is, Beck immediately denied being a reporter – and Walters breezes past the denial as if it had not happened.  If Walters had hoped to provide an example for Beck, she failed at the first opportunity.

The HuffPo, of course, missed all of this like a Baba Booey ceremonial pitch.  The video used by “The View” clearly disabuses a sharp viewer of the notion that Beck was guilty of anything more than a terrible impression of both Goldberg and Walters – for which he gave a pre-emptive apology.  And none of this, not a shred, was critically analyzed by the giddily cheering HuffPo reporter.

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