AP Reports on 'Hope - the Obama Musical Story'

Certainly there's enough domestic adoration of Barack Obama.  A year of consistent failure has done little to diminish Obama's support among the mainstream media, Hollywood celebrities, and academics.  Overseas, the fascination with Obama also continues.  Associated Press writer Kirsten Grieshaber reports "Obama musical set to open in Germany."  The article begins:

A musical about Barack Obama's "Yes we can" election campaign premieres in Germany this weekend, including love songs by the president to his wife Michelle and duets with Hillary Clinton. . .

In all, 30 singers, actors and dancers are to perform in the musical "Hope - the Obama Musical Story" when it opens at the Jahrhunderthalle concert hall in Frankfurt in a bilingual mix of English and German. The audience may recognize that many songs quote from the politicians' stump speeches during the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign.

The venue for the premiere seems appropriate since the optimism of Obamania remains largely intact in Germany, about a year after Obama, an accomplished public speaker, became America's first black president.

What's interesting is how Obama's simply described as "an accomplished public speaker."  Then again, what else could have been said about him?  That he had a short, mediocre term as a U.S. senator during much of which he ran for president?  That his undistinguished record as a state legislator was most memorable for his "present" votes?  That after graduation he went to work for a law firm with close connections to the Chicago political machine?  That his community organizing efforts were less than a success?

Even claiming he's an accomplished public speaker is pushing it.  We've seen the trouble he can get in without his trusty teleprompter close by to protect him.

There will be songs based on Obama's campaign speeches.  Maybe there'll be one about his health care reform being televised on C-SPAN.  Or a tune about not signing bills with earmarks.  Or a ditty about allowing five days of public comment before signing legislation.

No, reality would be too much to expect.  No doubt the show will be gushingly worshipful.  Hollywood types are probably kicking themselves for not coming up with "Hope - the Obama Musical Story" first.

For more information on the musical, please see Noel Sheppard's "'HOPE - The Obama Musical Story' Premieres In Germany January 17."     

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