Chicago Sun-Times's Mitchell: 'Things That Only Oprah and God Can Make Happen'

In today's Chicago Sun-Times, columnist Mary Mitchell elevates talk show host Oprah Winfrey to a new level:

You might not think you're going to miss Oprah, but you are. There are stories that only Oprah can do, and there are things that only Oprah and God can make happen.

Mitchell's adulation for Oprah is shared by many in the mainstream media.  From early shows devoted to male-bashing through attacks on free enterprise and limited government to her campaigning for Barack Obama's election, Winfrey has burnished her liberal credentials.

In bracketing Oprah with God, however, I wonder why Mitchell didn't include Obama, as in "There are things that only Oprah and God and the Federal government under the unparalleled leadership of Barack Hussein Obama can make happen."

In January, Mitchell wrote:

Hopes for the Obama administration are high, not only when it comes to fixing the economy and stemming the job losses that have dampened the spirits of so many Americans.

Who knew it would take almost a year to fix the unemployment problem with the magic wand of a "jobs summit"?  Months of serial failures may finally have some of even The One's most ardent worshipers questioning his magnificence. 

Still, there are bright, shining rays of hope.  Oprah and God.  It's lonely at the top.  

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