Suzy Shuster: Sarah's Son 'Her Favorite Prop of This Campaign Season'

Just when you think mainstream media people can't stoop much lower in their final stages of Palin Derangement Syndrome, they plunge to new depths.  Suzy Shuster works as a sideline reporter for ABC Sports.  She also blogs at the Huffington Post.  Her most recent contribution is,"Say It Ain't So: Trig Palin's Post-Debate Photo Op."  She describes what irritated her most at last night's vice presidential debate:
It actually came after the debate, when for seemingly the millionth time, Sarah Palin trotted out her piece de resistance, her favorite prop of this campaign season: her five and a half month old son Trig.

Why is this child up so late every time there is a camera op? Why isn't this baby sleeping in a crib or bassinet somewhere with a sleep sheep or some other sound apparatus lulling him into night-night? Is it just me or does it seem like she carts this poor child around like a living breathing example of how wonderful a mom she is? After all, she's more than adopted the "I'm just a mom, just like you moms out there, America" attitude.

But the truth is, if she was just like all you other Moms out there, America, then she'd know the best thing she can do for this infant is to make sure he is tucked safely in his bed and out cold at eleven pm. And please don't say well, maybe she doesn't have anyone to watch him. Believe that, and I've got a Bridge to Nowhere that I want to sell you.

Shuster isn't the first to challenge Palin's parenting skills and motivation.  Last month the publisher of Harper's Magazine made the same accusation that the baby is used as a political prop.

Naturally, Shuster's post was received by HuffPo readers with a rash of comments critical of Palin, references to "white trash," and other statements that you'd expect from open-minded liberals. 

I can't claim particular expertise on the subject of when a baby should sleep.  In my experience as a father and grandfather, though, it seems to me babies keep their own schedule to a great extent.  I'd be most reluctant to judge other parents harshly because their baby isn't asleep at 8:00 PM or whatever hour has been designated as the requirement. 

Moreover, there's little doubt that some of the liberals so critical of the Palin baby's schedule would have preferred that a special needs child be aborted in the first place.  Their open-mindedness can only be extended so far. 

In last night's debate, Joe Biden made a point about not questioning an opponent's motives.  Shuster and other mainstream media figures have no problem doing exactly that much of the time.

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