Chicago Sun-Times Touts 'Republicans' for Obama

June 19th, 2007 6:44 PM
In today's Chicago Sun-Times, columnist Jennifer Hunter writes of:

"an interesting phenomenon that has arisen over the last few months: a trend of moderate Republicans who want to vote for Barack Obama. It may seem counterintuitive, conservatives supporting a candidate who wants to tax the wealthy and embrace the conventions in the Kyoto Accord, but there is something in Obama's message about ridding politics of partisanship that is appealing to these Republicans."

In the first sentence, moderate Republicans are backing Obama. By the next, they've become conservatives. You'd think Ms Hunter, who is married to the newspaper's publisher, would know - as most people do - that moderate Republican isn't synonymous with conservative.

Miss Hunter identifies three supposed Republicans now backing Barack Obama. The operative word here is supposed. One of the three voted for John Kerry in the last presidential election. Yet another says she didn't vote for President Bush in 2004. There's no indication as to how the other "Republican" voted in 2004.

Yes, it's apparent those conservative Republicans are eagerly jumping on the Obama bandwagon. Just ask the mainstream media. They're really on top of those interesting phenomena.