Actor Mark Wahlberg: Celebs Should Shut Up About Politics

Finally someone has told Hollywood celebrities what the general public has always wanted to tell them when it comes to their views and politics: SHUT UP! What’s even better is it was a celebrity who said it.

Actor Mark Wahlberg (or “Marky Mark” as some of us remember him during his music days) was at a presser for his new movie Patriots Day when he made the comments to Task & Purpose – a news outlet whose audience is primarily American service veterans.  When asked about the parade of celebrities that have come out to denounce President-elect Donald Trump, Wahlberg said he believed most of Hollywood lives in a bubble and out of touch with most of Americans:

“You know, it just goes to show you that people aren’t listening to that anyway…They might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family. Me, I’m very aware of the real world. I come from the real world and I exist in the real world. And although I can navigate Hollywood and I love the business and the opportunities it’s afforded me, I also understand what it’s like not to have all that.”

Wahlberg’s latest movie is what he calls a “trilogy of films” he’s worked on with director Peter Berg, who he affectionately refers to as his brother.  Wahlberg and Berg previously worked on Deepwater Horizon (2016), and Lone Survivor (2013). All three of these movies depict actual events, and tell the story of heroism from average men – though some would disagree that Marcus Luttrell, the main character of Lone Survivor, is an average guy.

Wahlberg also believes Patriots Day will serve as a reminder to the public about the greatness of America – its people, police and military:

"I definitely think the film is going to bring people together… will give people an added boost and a reminder of what a great country we do have and how amazing people are. People really dedicated their lives to serving our country and our communities, and we need to honor that. The overall purpose of police and military is protect us. It’s an amazing thing, and every chance I get I want to thank them for their service.”

Big thanks to Mark Wahlberg – one of the few celebrities that can relate to the average person, tell it like it is, and create movies about American heroism and greatness.

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