Voter Fraud Myth? Denver CBS Station Finds Dead People Voted Repeatedly in Colorado

Voter fraud has been making the news again – at least locally – in Colorado. The Washington Times noted Brian Maass of Denver’s CBS affiliate KCNC-TV recently revealed numerous instances where dead voters were “voting” in Colorado – such as a dead World War II veteran named John Grosso voted in a 2006 primary election, a woman who died in 2009 who cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, and her husband who died in 2008, but somehow voted the year after.

Maass reported: “This is the kind of thing you hear rumored, joked about in Chicago, that kind of thing…Tonight, that changes. We did find voter fraud in Colorado that essentially waters down your vote.”

Why can't CBS in New York City locate this story? They can find Colorado for stories on gun control or marijuana legalization.

A review of databases of voting histories in Colorado compared with federal death records turned up dozens of discrepancies. Maass traveled to the home of one of the deceased’s children, inquiring about her deceased mother’s voting record since her passing, but was given the cold shoulder. But the son of World War II veteran John Grosso had a little more to say:  “I think that’s a disgrace…The man is dead. He can’t vote. Somebody is cheating.”

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, a Republican, has launched an investigation. Administrators with his office passed off the veteran’s vote as a possible election judge’s editor, but that still didn’t address the issue of many others that have voted since their…death.

Maass asked Williams directly if the system was “rife for fraud.”  Williams lamely responded it only showed the “potential” for fraud.

The CBS affiliate noted that voter fraud is important because often times a race is decided by a slim margin. Colorado’s 7th Congressional district – encompassing much of the northern and western parts of the Denver metropolitan area – came down to 121 votes out of more than 175,000 that were cast in 2002, the station reported.

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