Larry Wilmore Raps 'Complicit Culture' Around Bill Cosby, But What About Bill Clinton?

Larry Wilmore, host of Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show, didn’t hold back his joyful glee on Monday night when he opened his first show of 2016 with Bill Cosby’s framed mugshot.

“This is exactly what I wanted! How did you know?” Wilmore gushed over this apparent Christmas gift.  He then so eloquently added, “Yes, we didn’t forget about you, motherf***er, and now neither did the justice system...”

For nearly a year, Wilmore has consistently reminded his audience of the story, even dedicating an entire episode to the rape allegations. After his excitement tempered down a notch or two, Wilmore delightfully mimicked Cosby’s stumble on his way to court, describing it as “chicken soup for the soul… But he would probably drug the soup and try to rape my soul.”

But with no assurance of a conviction, Wilmore said “so right now, the only satisfaction we get is this pathetic little perp walk.” He then wondered if Cosby was exaggerating his age, like he was incapacitated. He did his Cosby impression: I'm just an old man, I can barely walk by myself. Come on, I couldn't rape a fly, and not just because I don't know what their sexual business is all about down there."

Wilmore then concluded: “But look, even if he doesn’t get convicted, this is still a good thing. Because for too long, the women who have accused him of this crime were not being listened to, because they were being silenced by a powerful man and a complicit culture. And, now, finally, regardless of what happens next, they're being heard. And that's a start.”

If only Wilmore and the rest of the media who have given Cosby so much scrutiny gave the same treatment to another famous and alleged rapist who is also named Bill…Bill Clinton.

Just like Cosby, Clinton has been accused of rape and sexual harassment.  How is it that Cosby is vilified (and rightly so) yet Clinton gets off the hook? Is it racial? Is it because Cosby isn’t this sort of royal family of Democratic politics?  

And what about the accusers? I’m sure after all these years, the women who have come forward regarding Bill Clinton’s behavior would love to have had the same respect and credibility given to them as those women who came out against Cosby. Even today, as his scandalous past comes back to haunt him and his wife on the campaign trail, Clinton’s accusers have so many times been ignored and dismissed by the liberal media as “bimbos” and trailer-park trash, telling stories for the cash. The list of Clinton’s accusers looks almost as long as Cosby’s.

So why the double standard?  Why the hypocrisy? Why isn’t this being made into a “war on women” issue? Oh that’s right. It’s the media we are dealing with – the “Clinton News Networks.”  The media aren’t making a big deal out of this specific issue when it comes to the fictitious “war on women” because it doesn’t fit their agenda – which is protecting the Clintons, no matter the cost.

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