Che Guevara, Fashion Icon of Soapnet?

Airing tonight on Soapnet is a new reality show called “The Fashionista Diaries.” The show documents six newcomers to the cutthroat fashion industry and, like most reality shows out there, would be hard to distinguish if not for its advertisements, which use Communist imagery and slogans for promotion. (side-by-side comparison shown at right)

The main graphic for the ads has a woman dressed up like Che Guevara wearing a beret and sunglasses complete with a Communist red star. The slogan placed with the picture is "the revolution will be accessorized."

“The Fashionista Dairies” have been plastering their logo all over the internet. TV is using the ad campaign as today’s background as well as Perez, whose site gets over 8 million hits a day. This new show is one more example of the entertainment industry’s fascination with Communism chic.

(h/t NewsBusters reader Damian G)

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