Sarah Palin Signs On to RNC Fundraising Letter

So Allah has a couple of theories about why Sarah Palin would sign a fundraising letter for the RNC:

Fast-forward to today and suddenly she's signing letters on their behalf. What gives? Two theories. One: She's turned out to be such a good soldier and is so favorably disposed to Michael Steele that she's willing to do a fundraising favor for an organization that desperately needs one right now to prepare for the midterms. Two: She really is eyeing a presidential run and wants to build a line of political credit with establishment types who aren't big fans of hers at the moment.

How about this? Sarah Palin has finally recognized her friends in D.C. They ain't the NRSC or the NRCC, that's for dang sure. Palin's endorsements have been in direct odds with the NRSC's and NRCC's more often than not. Moreover, the NRSC and NRCC have worked overtime to undercut Michael Steele both publicly and privately and then gone to donors and asked them to donate there. This insanity is self-destructive, of course, because the RNC has the mechanism to get the vote out. The leadership in the House and Senate, though, are more about accumulating power and rewarding buddies than transforming the party. In fact, party transformation and reinvigoration, would probably hurt their incumbent arses, so what's the motivation to change?

Michael Steele has worked at reaching out everywhere. He's open to bringing new energy from youth, minorities, etc, while also addressing the horrendous state of the technological infrastructure of the RNC. For his lack of money, he's done a decent job given his circumstances. He also cleaned house when he took over the RNC, something that was much needed, even if some very good folks got caught in the outgoing tide. It's impossible to overstate how entrenched certain consultancies and power brokers were with the RNC. That needed to change. But cutting ties with that many fat cats is bound to make enemies. [These consultants tell people where to send money, right? They wouldn't want to help the RNC if the RNC isn't spending enormous fees paying said consultants.]

In short, Sarah Palin has far more in common with Chairman Michael Steele than she has with the leadership on the Hill, and, I might add, more to gain, personally, by befriending the RNC. Should the RNC start raking in some money, it may well help some of the grassroots races the Tea Party folks so passionately care about.

This, of course, runs counter to conventional wisdom. Hating on Michael Steele has become a sport these days. And he has not gracefully made the transition from punditry to the more behind-the-scenes money making job of Chairman. Still, no RNC chairman has been harassed and undercut so nastily as Michael Steele. It's ridiculous and unfair. Not to mention, those doing the criticizing have all had something to personally gain. Sour grapes because their Chairman candidate lost? Yes! Fear at losing control? Yes! Anxiety with a more open, bottom-up approach, rather than a top-down tight-fisted operation? Yes!

Anyway, a partnership between Sarah Palin and Michael Steele could be a win-win. It seems they have both made a decision-really, neither one have anything to lose. Both are pretty much loathed by establishment Republicans. Why not unite her fund raising and star power with the RNC's network and ability to organize?

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