MSM Ignores 'Nonpartisan' ACORN Boss Bertha Lewis's Impassioned Endorsement of Obama

Though members of the mainstream media seem to have noticed in recent days that the radical, thoroughly corrupt left-wing group ACORN exists, the MSM are still accepting ACORN's word that it is strictly nonpartisan.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

While the MSM continue to churn out stories about alleged "voter suppression" (yes, it exists, but it is a pretty minor thing, especially when compared to ACORN's widespread electoral fraud), ACORN's interim organizer in chief Bertha Lewis has removed any remaining doubt about which political party ACORN supports.

Lewis is featured in a video posted on YouTube by an ACORN affiliate,Working Families Party. Says Lewis:

I want to thank everyone out there for defending ACORN against the scurrilous right-wing attacks and smears. That’ll teach them to attack a community organizer. [...] Look, when organizers get attacked we do what we do best: we organize and we vote. And if you live in New York there’s one more simple thing you can all do to help ACORN: vote for the community organizer Barack Obama on the Working Families Party ballot line. [...] Voting for Barack is good but voting for him on the Working Families Party line is better. Vote change like you mean it, people. Don’t get lost in the Democratic sauce. [...]

How long before the MSM starts looking into this new revelation?

(For more on ACORN, see "ACORN: Who Funds the Weather Underground's Little Brother?" by Matthew Vadum, Foundation Watch, November 2008, and "In a Rotten Nutshell: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about ACORN," by Matthew Vadum and Jeremy Lott, Labor Watch, November 2008)

(This post is based on a Capital Research Center blog post available here. Hat tip to CRC's James Dellinger.)

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