In Press Briefing, Reporters Don’t Ask Obama a Single Question About Scandals

During his flight to Africa aboard Air Force One, President Obama headed to the part of the plane where the travelling press corps was seated and held an impromptu news briefing.

Despite the many scandals currently swirling around the administration including NSA spying and lying, Benghazi lying, and the revelation that the IRS's political attacks on conservative groups was even more widespread than originally thought, the left-leaning journalists did not ask Obama a single tough question.

As first reported by Daniel Halper at the Weekly Standard via the pool report, here are the questions that were asked of the president:

  • Can you talk about this -- is this what you see as your legacy for Africa -- a kind of changed model?  I mean, a lot of analysts back in Washington are talking about how you’re not making the kind of grand programs that Bush and Clinton did in Africa, and so I’m wondering if you can address that a little bit.
  • Mr. President, can you say -- one of the criticisms leveled at the United States is that it’s fallen behind China in terms of the amount of attention that it gives to Africa.  President Xi has made numerous visits; this is your first extended visit.  How does the United States compete with China in terms of showing its interest and in the reduced-budget world that we’re living in?
  • What kind of commitments do you think U.S. companies are looking for from you on this trip to be able to see Africa as a continent for investment?  And what kind of signal does the expo today -- what should that be sending to companies back home?
  • Sir, looking forward to your trip in South Africa comes at a time when, obviously, a lot of people in the region are focused on the ailing health of Nelson Mandela.  I know you have a relationship with him -- do you hope to visit him?  Do you think that your message there will change?
  • Have you gotten an update on his condition or talked to his family lately?

Once again, America’s self-appointed watchdogs of power continue to act like poodles.

Then again, considering that journalists assigned to cover Obama reportedly made up fake names to purchase Obama campaign merchandise, nothing should surprise.

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