Bill Cosby Rants Against Republicans, Compares Them to Segregationists for Not Applauding Obama

Unless he had just eaten a bad cup of Jell-O pudding, it would appear that actor and comedian Bill Cosby seems to really, really hate Republicans.

The veteran entertainer made that very clear Monday morning when he claimed that Republicans not applauding President Obama’s State of the Union address in unison with Democrats were “as bad as the people who were against any kind of desegregation.” He also wondered aloud about whether or not Republicans today are upset that slavery is no longer legal.

Cosby made these remarks on the CNN morning show “Starting Point” after soon-to-be-former host Soledad O’Brien referenced how much better things have gotten for those of African ancestry inside the United States since the 1960s civil rights movement.

The famous comedian and longtime Jell-O pitchman rejected her statement.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “Not when you look at the president's speech recently. To see people sitting down and then they there are others standing and cheering. I don't think it's difficult believe. I think that we have people sitting there who are as bad as the people who were against any kind of desegregation.”

Instead of correcting Cosby’s obvious ignorance of the longstanding tradition of a president’s own party being far more enthusiastic about his applause lines, O’Brien and the rest of the panel allowed Cosby to continue his diatribe, which he did by saying that Republicans who do not support Obama want to implement some sort of oppressive regime. He then moved into a conspiracy theory about how the assassination of John F. Kennedy by a communist was actually caused by supporters of segregation:

And then in place of a better America, they want their own sick feelings put across., And it's -- it isn't -- it isn't a good time, but I think also on our part as professors and presidents of colleges all over and in public schools, we need to get the education of the correct history that happened so people can say, yes, this really did happen.

Because you have to include the assassination of a president and ask the question, maybe that had something to do with it also.

Cosby continued his Republican bashing later on in the show, replying to a question about whether or not certain provisions of the Voting Rights Act should be thrown out by the Supreme Court by saying that conservatives were “angry” that black Americans are not presently enslaved:

I think it's dumb to say is it time when we stand and say the pledge of allegiance, for which it stands. Where are you going with this? Where are you going with the promise of what the United States of America really is?

It's also interesting that this Republican Party is not the Republican Party of 1863, of Abraham Lincoln, abolitionists and slavery, is not good. I think it's important for us to look at the underlying part of it. What is the value of it? Is it that some people are angry because my people no longer want to work for free?

Hat tip: Mediaite.

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